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The Chairman's Report (1992/1993 session)

The officers and members of the Executive Committee for the financial year ending 31 March 1993 are as follows:

Chairman : Mr. Albert H.C. Tsang
Vice Chairman : Mr. Raymond P.F. Fung
Hon. Secretary : Mr. Michael C.T. Shu
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. W.O. Lee
Regular Committee Members : Mr. C.P. Chow
Mr. K.B. Nair
Mr. Robert E.F. Shu
Mr. Aaron W.K. Tong
Mr. Y.C. Tsim
Mr. K.L. Yeung
Immed. Past Chairman: Mr. Warner S.Y. Yeh

I am pleased to report that we had another successful year for the 1992/93 session. A video show, two seminars, three works visits, and three training courses were organized by the Society during the last financial year. These events were well received by our members and participants from the local industries.

Through our sustained membership drive, the count of members on our register has now exceeded the 300 mark - a 50% increase over last year. Starting from this year, each member will receive a membership card, valid for one year, when reminded to renew the annual membership. The issuing of the card is to promote the sense of identity with the Society, a suggestion voiced by members at the last AGM.

We are very thankful to Mr. Warner Yeh who continued to serve as proctor for all the ASQC Certification Examinations held in Hong Kong in the past year. A talk organized by the Society to promote these certification programs, attracted a large audience. A survey conducted after the talk indicated that many quality practitioners in Hong Kong are interested in obtaining the ASQC CQE and CQA status when the Certification Examinations can be held locally. Encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback, the Society is planning to run a CQE Refresher Course sometime in this fall to prepare members to sit for the ASQC CQE Examination scheduled for 4 December 1993. Primers for the Certification Examinations are useful reference materials in preparation for the examinations. Orders for a total of 55 sets of CQE or CQA Primer published by the Quality Council of Indiana, U.S.A. were received when the Society in a joint venture with the Quality Club of Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) offered the service to purchase these primers at a bulk rate.

Mr. Jad GB. Jadunath, Director and Chairman Emeritus of ASQC Denver Chapter visited Hong Kong in November 1992. This provided us with an opportunity to establish links with our overseas counterparts on a personal basis. Your Society was also honoured to be listed in the 1993 International Service Quality & TQM Resource Guide and Directory, compiled by Lakewood Research of Minneapolis, U.S.A., which were distributed to delegates attending the International Service & Quality Forum held at Euro Disney during November 16-18, 1992.

As another effort to promote links with other professional bodies, we are planning on a two-day study mission to China Electronic Product Reliability & Environmental Testing Research Institute (CEPREI) in Guangzhou, China in this fall. The event, which also features a seminar on Reliability Engineering & Calibration Technology, will be jointly organized by the Society and the Quality Club of HKPC.

Listing of Activites

(A) Technical Meetings

(b) Works Visits

(c) Training Courses

We continue to maintain a very healthy financial position in last year. As of 30 June 1993, our cash account has a balance of about HKD 114,000, representing a 50% increase from the end of the previous financial year. As in the past years, most of the income was generated from proceeds of our highly successful training courses.

My sincere thanks go to members of the Executive Committee, whose dedication and commitment are essential for the success of our activities. Mr. Bal Nair, who has served on the Executive Committee since the birth of our predecessor, the Hong Kong Group of ASQC International Chapter, in 1986 is retiring. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors after his emigration to North America.

Last but not least, congratulations to our past Committee member, Mr. W.K. Lo for his double achievements in last year - the Young Industrialist Award and the Outstanding Young Person of 1992.


Prepared by Albert H C Tsang

Chairman 1992/1993 - HKSQC

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