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Photo Album

This photo album shows some of the activities organized by HKSQ. Please feel free to click on the photos to view the larger images.

HKSQ Study Mission - YUNNAN University
Visit to BYD (比亞迪) and DESAY SV (德賽西威) Automotive
HKSQ Participation in SME Mentorship Programme
Visit to TCL Corp.
Visit to Eastech Asia Technology Ltd.
Seminar on Electric Vehicles
Visit to West Rail Operations Control Centre
Visit to Intertek LED Testing Centre
HKSQ delegates with Yoji Akao and Noriaki Kano at ASQ World Conf. 2010
Delegates to the 7th ANQ Congress, Tokyo 2009
ISO14971 Risk Management Seminar
Prof. H. Osada visits Hong Kong
Seminar on Innovations and Challenges to Entrepreneur in Medical Device Industries
Visit to KMB
Govind Ramu (ASQ Fellow) visits Hong Kong
Visit to Kwong Sun Hong
Lean Management Seminar
ASQ president elect (2008) visits HK
ISO 9001:2008 & 27000 Seminar
ISO 9001:2008 Seminar
Visit to Yakult
Seminar on RFID Applications
Visit to Vincent Raya Co., Ltd.
Visit to Providence Enterprise Ltd.
Delegates to the 5th ANQ Congress
Visit to Lee Kam Kee, Xinhui
Visit to Wellcome Fresh Food Centre
Seminar on Sport Coaching & Quality Management
Hong Kong Six Sigma Forum 2007
A Presentation on Service Six Sigma
Visit to ASM
Visit to TDK
Seminar on Kaizen Management System
Seminar on 6 Sigma in Financial Services
Visit to HK Aircraft Engineering Corp.
Visit to HK Science & Technology Park
Panel Discussion at INFORMS 2006
Delegates to the 3rd ANQ Congress
HKSQ & other international delegates at the 4th ANQ Congress, Singapore, Sept. 2006
Visit to Macau Gaming Assoc.
Seminar on JIT in ESM
Quality Movement in UAE
Visit to EMSD Headquarters
Visit to WST Municipal Waste Treatment Plant
Visit to Nokia's manufacturing plant in Dongguan
Seminar on GMP Requirements & Execution
HKSQ Chairman with Judging Panel of Student Project Competition
Visit to Black & Decker
HKSQ delegate and Prof. Noriaki Kano
HKSQ delegate, Mr. Ron Atkinson (ASQ) and Ms Ma Lin (CAQ)
Seminar on Sustainability: HK Perspective
HKSQ Chairman at the 1st International Forum for Electronic Quality in China held in Shanghai, March 2005
Meeting Mr. Tommy Tam, ASQ's Global Marketing Development Manager
Seminar on Data Driven Decision Making
Visit to China Engineers, Ltd.
Visit to the Technology Support Centre of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks
2005 Student Project Competition - site visit to the sponsoring company
Visit to BDC International Ltd.
Visit to Topsearch International Ltd.
Past chairman at ASQ's 58th Annual Quality Congress held in Toronto, Canada, May 2004
Visit to Central Control Room
of Western Harbour Tunnel
Visit to Compass Technology Co., Ltd.
Visit to HK Note Printing Ltd.
Six Sigma Seminar
Quality Management Student Project Competition
Seminar on Applications of Balanced Scorecard
HKSQ Poster at the 57th AQC held in Kansas City, USA, May, 2003
HKSQ delegatesat the 1st ANQ and the 17th AQS held in Beijing, Oct.2003
HKSQ delegates and Prof. Zhang Gong Xu, Vice President of China Quality Association, Oct. 2003
Visit to Super Terminal 1 at Chek Lap Kok Airport
A seminar on design of industrial experiments
Visit to KCRC Rolling
Stock Maintenance &
Training Centre
HKSQ delegates at the 16th AQS held in Tokyo, Nov. 2002
Seminar on ASQ Certification Programs
Experience sharing at CLP on Quality in Project Management
Seminar on Statistical Data Mining
Workshop on Body of Knowledge for ASQ Certification
Visit to CLP Castle Peak Power Station
HKSQ delegates at ASQ's 56th Annual Quality Congress held in Denver, USA, May 2002
Networking with Dr. Taguchi
Networking with Prof. Yoji Akao
Visit to China Association for Quality's Headquarters, Beijing
Seminar on Recent Advances in QFD
Visit to MTR Tseung Kwan O (TKE) Extension
Visit to the
Electronic Packaging
Assembly (EPA) Centre
Dinner with Mr. O'Donoghue, ASQ's Global Development Manager, in Hong Kong
Visit to Holmes Group
Visit to Chek Lap Kok
Visit to SGS Hong Kong
Quality Management
Visit to Capital Steel Group (Shougang), Beijing
Visit to CMA Testing and
Certification Laboratory
Seminar on ISO 9000
Quality Management
Dinner with Prof. Edward G. Schilling & Dr. Frank M. Gryna
Dinner with Prof. Andrew
Jardine in Hong Kong
Dinner with Philip Crosby
in Hong Kong
Visit to Cathay Pacific
Catering Services

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